Creating a successful product using the Lost Foam casting process requires knowledge of the process design features and how to incorporate them into the part.
Design and tooling support documentation is an integral part of every project. Let us assist you in conforming to your Quality Control standards.
Quality tool design is critical to the Lost Foam casting process. Our tool designs range from simple molds to the most complex mold designs in the industry.
Prototype Casting
We have developed and are continuing to improve rapid prototyping methods for the Lost Foam casting process including Fabricated Foam and Prototype Tooling.
SLA, SLS, LOM. So Why Not LFC? SLA, SLS and LOM are all acronyms for rapid prototyping. All of these processes have the common ability to produce a prototype part from a 3D model, but all of these methods also struggle to make that model useful in any casting process.

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