Lostfoam.com is part of Austin Design Group, Inc., a consulting design firm originally founded in 1987 to work with the increasing demand for experience and knowledge in the Lost Foam casting industry.

Using a core of people working directly with the process, and associates working on contracts in specific fields, Austin Design Group, Inc. has been instrumental in bringing new products to the industry and assisting in the startup of Lost Foam foundry operations.

Our concentration is in three major areas of the Lost Foam casting industry.

Austin Design Group, Inc. has developed the CAD/CAM portion of the business to supply design assistance and modeling services to a wide range of components and industries.

We have also applied our knowledge of CAD/CAM design and CNC machining to offer two types of Rapid Prototyping: Quick-Cut Aluminum Machined Prototype Tooling and Fabricated Foam. These products are rapidly gaining acceptance in the Lost Foam industry as quick-turnaround, high accuracy prototyping methods.

Austin Design Group, Inc. also supplies tooling used in the Lost Foam casting industry to form production-quality foam patterns. As a producer of high quality, high accuracy tooling for the Lost Foam casting industry, we have supplied some of the industry's most advanced, machined tooling. As a producer of cast-to-size tooling, we are in a position to offer the Lost Foam and packaging industries some of the industry's most competitive tooling with excellent delivery schedules.

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