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Oil Filter Adapter for Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine


Oil Filter Adapter for Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine


  • Combine as many of the existing iron and aluminum components (six total) as possible into a single piece aluminum casting.
  • Provide maximum weight savings.
  • Eliminate need for cores.
  • Improve mechanical properties by eliminating leak points and mechanical joints. Prototype and test the design prior to production runs
  • Review assembly of existing adapter to find parts that could be eliminated or combined
  • Design part as full three-dimensional model to show concept and review in context of engine assembly.
  • Using reviewed and approved model data develop a functioning prototype using fabricated foam pattern methods and cast in aluminum.
  • Have end user field-test parts and modify design accordingly.



  • Combined all six iron and aluminum parts into a single piece aluminum casting.
  • An overall weight reduction of 48 pounds was achieved.
  • No cores are required in the casting process.
  • All production castings passed leak inspections during first casting run.
  • By using fabricated foam prototypes, critical design elements were refined without any additional tooling cost and the part was field tested prior to production runs.
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